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UFJ Bank's Direct Card and Passbook 2018/1/1 22:06
Hi guys, so i just recently created a UFJ bank account, debit card and ATM card. So they just sent me a ATM card and a Direct Card. I don't know what is this direct card, but it seems like it will be used for internet banking of some sort. Anyone has any info of how to use this card? Thank you.
My second problem is well they didn't give me the passbook yet. I dunno if they will give it to you right away when you created the bank account or they will send it to you later with the cards. I did somehow choose to create a ECO passbook, does that mean they will not issue a physical passbook?
I know the easiest way for this is to ask them directly but well I am not good at Japanese and my friend was the one who helped me do this. So any info is much appreciated.
by Asuma Satoh  

Re: UFJ Bank's Direct Card and Passbook 2018/1/3 11:23
Yes I believe the "Direct" is the internet banking function.

"Eco passbook" means internet passbook.
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Re: UFJ Bank's Direct Card and Passbook 2018/1/3 11:54
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