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Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/3 07:58
Hello! So I kind of have a small problem. I tried sending a package to my friend who lives in Muroran, Japan, but her mom gave me the wrong address (just the numbers 1-5-11). Me, being stupid, just thought it was correct. So, I sent the package off with that address. The clerk at the post office never told me about a 'return to sender' box that I could check, or that I could give them her phone number in case of any complications. Once I found out that everything was wrong, I tried going back to the post office to get it, but they said it was too late. I was wondering, since 1-5-11 isn't exactly an address, would it be sent back to me even if the 'return to sender' box isn't checked? I honestly just don't want my package to be lost because there was a lot of special things in it for my friend. Please help!
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Re: Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/3 10:15
So you are saying that the address was missing the whole row of street name and just had the number? Like

(Name of recipient)
1-5-11, Muroran (city), (7-digit postal code) Japan

If the recipient's name, the number, AND the postal code (like the zip code) are correct, the postal worker in Japan will do their best to deliver it. The 7-digit does narrow down the address quite a bit. And if not, Japan Post will mark it "addressee not found" and return it (probably).

Are you in Japan, I mean, did you send it out from another post office in Japan?
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Re: Re: Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/4 10:04
(I know this is kind of stupid since this forum is for most people who live in Japan) I don't live in Japan. I just thought asking a question on this site might help more since it's all about the country. I live in the US, so I'm afraid they won't send it back to me because I'm overseas.
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Re: Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/4 12:45
I searched on google map "s@15-11h and google maps returned these 5 1-5-11s.

1 Chome-5-11 Nakajimachō
Muroran-shi, Hokkaidō 050-0074
1 Chome-5-11 Hatchōdaira
Muroran-shi, Hokkaidō 050-0061
1 Chome-5-11 Bokoi Kitamachi
Muroran-shi, Hokkaidō 051-0004
1 Chome-5-11 Higashimachi
Muroran-shi, Hokkaidō 050-0083
1 Chome-5-11 Kotobukichō
Muroran-shi, Hokkaidō 050-0082

Is there right address among them? If yes, then the Japan Post will likely to find the right address given that you wrote the name of your friend correctly. Your chance will increase if you wrote the 7 digit postal code.
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Re: Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/4 14:23
(No it was not stupid, you were asking a question about what a post office in Japan would do with an item with an incomplete address.)

Yes as frog1954 wrote, the recipient's name and the 7-digit postal code would be the key.
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Re: Will my package be sent back to me? 2018/1/4 15:11
One more note:

You might better tell your friend about the situation. He/She can contact with the post office. The parcel should come to at least Muroran, and parcels from abroad should be rather rare, so it will help the postman to deliver it to the right address.

Forty odd years ago when I was an university student, one of my friend lived in Ikina island in Ehime prefecture. Once he received a mail, and the address on it said: Hiroshima prefecture, Ikina island opposite to Innoshima island. As compared to Ikina, Innoshima is somewhat big. My father is from Innoshima and I know Ikina (perhaps most Japanese don't know it) but I thought Ikina is in Hiroshima prefecture.
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