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Night Dining in Takayama 2018/1/3 13:27
I will be in Takayama in Feb 2018. I will be going to Shirakawago for a day and be back around 8 at night. Is there any restaurant open for dinner at night during the winter? What is the operating hours for dinner ?
Appreciate your kind advice. Thank you so much.
by mummyrabiit (guest)  

Re: Night Dining in Takayama 2018/1/3 16:48
It's been quite a while since I was in Takayama but I doubt it has changed much. I am sure others will correct me if my information is out of date. I found that everything shut very early and didnt open till quite late. I would advise either having your main meal during the day in Shirakawago or eating at your accommodation if that is possible.

Having said that I have just been on the Takayama Minshuku association website & found this list of restaurants. Maybe one of these would be suitable. http://www.hida-yado.net/html/shop1.html I would always tell people visiting Takayama to at least consider staying in one of these minshuku as they are much nicer than an impersonal hotel.
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Re: Night Dining in Takayama 2018/1/3 17:17
Thank you very much for your advice.
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