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Ghibli Museum maintenance and closure 2018/1/3 18:45
Hi all,

We'll be in Japan for 1.5 week, looking at the 2nd week of May (after golden week). Ghibli museum is one of the main itinerary, however the 2018 calendar is only until March. Based on the past 3 years trend, it seems most likely Ghibli museum went on long period of maintenance (2-4 weeks time), but there is no way to confirm. I called JTB but they can only see the availability until April. Meanwhile we need to book our ticket the soonest. Any tips on how we can arrange the trip and the booking about the museum? Thank you
by Moccy  

Re: Ghibli Museum maintenance and closure 2018/1/4 05:53
Check there official site, they will give you upto date on opening hrs and days.
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Re: Ghibli Museum maintenance and closure 2018/1/4 07:51
January 1st, 2017 (well, technically the 2nd is when I made reservations) for my April 2017 day.

You might have to wait for February 1 for May availability.

Make sure you have back up days. My first choice of April 15 was all full and so was the other 2 options. I think I JTB online reservation site could place up to 3 different days. Luckily for me, I was there for 2.5 weeks but only in Tokyo for the first 2 days (my first option day) and last 5 days of my trip. They had available days on one of my later days that I didn't consider. I had to rearrange to accommodate my Ghibli day.
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Re: Ghibli Museum maintenance and closure 2018/1/4 09:27
Please note that JTB is a third-party reseller of Ghibli tickets and charge a markup. Ghibli, through Lawson, sells tickets at cost price online on the 10th of the month before you want to visit (so if you want to visit in May, you would book tickets on the 10th of April). The Ghibli Museum website has the details and link to the purchase website. Just like for JTB tickets, you need to be online as soon as they go on sale to get your preferred date and time. You also require your passport number to book, so have that on hand.
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