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Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/3 20:50
Hi All,

At present, I am currently in Taiwan and will be visiting Beitou Onsen (Hot Springs) which was first set up (I think) during the Japanese occupation in the 1920's. Do you guys think it would be appropriate to write a user report for this site since most of the museums are Japanese Meiji Era buildings, there is a Jigodani and even a Japanese temple??

I would of course keep any politics out of the report. Just after peoples views....
by mfedley  

Re: Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/4 04:11
Ummm, Beitou onsen is in Taiwan... if there are other user reports in letfs say Japanese gardens in Buenos Aires or Japan town in San Francisco on this s web page, why not. But otherwise itfs going to fit better on a page about tourism in Taiwan, no?

Enjoy your trip to Taiwan. And enjoy the small museum in Beitou onsen.
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Re: Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/4 08:59
That would not be a travel report in Japan, so I would say it does not belong here, but rather on a travel webpage about Taiwan.
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Re: Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/4 11:50
I probably should of said that the post was looking at Japanese architecture and gardens which are found in the general area. As a person who has travelled Japan extensively, its interesting to see the strong similarities like the remaining Tori gates in parks or Japanese monments to fallen police in areas of scenic beauty. Ill wait until I visit the sites before I make a decision to see if there is enough Japanese context, plus reading other potential comments.
If I dont post, then my next posts will be in mid Feb from Amami Oshima, Okinawa and the Yaeyama islands....
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Re: Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/4 19:33
Then I would ask the Admin to see if they would want to create one specific section in their travel report, titled something like Japanese cultures outside Japan, so that some people who are interested in Japanese culture but not traveling to Japan might find them interesting and visit if they happen to be in that country, but others by mistake would not start searching for such locations "IN" Japan. Enjoy traveling! :)
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Re: Beitou User Report - is it appropriate? 2018/1/4 23:29
I've decided not to write the report do to comments mentioned. As such, consider this thread closed and no need to reply.

My original thought was based on the fact that all of the 5 sites I visited today were built by the Japanese. Its also not worth starting a new section on the site as there are only limited people posting in the user report section anyway. I also want to confirm that I am not a worker or employee of JG....
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