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Parking bicycles at Amanohashidate? 2018/1/4 00:34
My friend and I are planning to rent bicycles to cycle across the sandbar at Amanohashidate, but we're afraid that we won't be able to find places to park them when we get on the monorail. Also, is there any was to secure the bikes to prevent them from being stolen?
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Re: Parking bicycles at Amanohashidate? 2018/1/4 06:57
I haven't been there, but while cycling around Japan for 2 months, I never had a problem to find a parking lot for my bicycle. Looking at google maps (street view) it looks like it should be possible to find some space close to the monorail. If not, the train station isn't too far either and there should be a possibility.

Regarding bicycle theft, as you rent the cycles, they will come with some (likely very basic) lock. That is sufficient in Japan. Yes, bicycles get stolen occasionally in Japan, but it is highly unlikely and it is more like unlocked bikes that get "taken" away, rather than normal bicycles. If you can lock it TO something, that is obviously always preferrable, but not essential.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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