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Japan friendship 2018/1/4 07:25
Well not how cool it is to post this here but here i go :P
Ever since i was kid, i was fascinated with Japanese culture, tradition and its people.
Finaly i managed to plan my first ever visit to Japan, heck, its my first ever time leaving my country to be honest, ha. Anyway, im planing to travel alone. Long story, might tell it if someone asks, but im hoping to find people to talk to before visiting the country im so in love with to talk about things to visit, things to know and such, and in hope to meet people willing to meet up when i come to Japan in March and hang around together. Showing me the very reason why im so fascinated with Japan. Im planing my visit for my bday, in March, hoping to be there for sakura blossoms and enjoy it as much as i can. Dont want to miss a thing.

Cheers, Chris
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Re: Japan friendship 2018/1/5 07:29
First to post, lol

Congrats on being able to finally travel to Japan, hope you enjoy your time in Japan. To answer your question about friends. Sadly your a year late, J-G did have a Friends section where you can post an ad but they remove it.

Sightseeing: Find out what you want to do, what you want to see, and where would you like to go then post the question, J-G will post the question under there travel and guest of there website will help you with things. You can also check out, flyertalk or, under Japan forum. Wish you the best being out there.

Friends: Good luck on that, you better start posting of other websites look for people to connect with. visit, and see what events you can attend and connect. Check out, its a cool site where you can post and hope you meet someone to travel with. You can check similar websites. Try some Pen Pals website and go under Japan. you most likely connect and meet people like, or If you at willing to do some work for room and board, check out

Spoiler Alert: Your going to find out Japan is just like every other place. only thing is different is the culture. What I believe makes Japan amazing are 3 things, 1 how there old culture is still around, 2 the balance between nature and the modern city and 3 when your in a crowded area or in public, everyone is respectful to the people around them and helpful to travelers.

I hope this help.
I would recommended you start ASAP since your only two month away from your travel date

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Re: Japan friendship 2018/1/8 07:57
Until like half a year ago, there was a really good website to find online contact from Japan (cough)
Unfortunately, I could not find many Japanese people on the general global penpal sites so far.
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