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Neurosurgery in Japan 2018/1/4 11:02
Hello my name is Chris, and i'm a doctor co-assistant from Indonesia. I'm really interested in neurosurgery, and I'm want to study in Japan. I think that Japan is a very suitable place to learn about neurosurgery, including high advance technology and science. I'm still looking for every university in japan that have a major in neurosurgery.

If you do not mine, there are some things i want to ask, that is:

1. How can i apply to take major in neurosurgery?

2. Is that any chance for me (that graduated from Indonesia) to study there? If any, what are the conditions and requirements i need to meet?

3. Do they provide the opportunity to study there with scholarship? If any, what are the conditions i should meet?

I really want to learn a lot about neurosurgery in Japan, and after i graduated, i want to dedicate my self to be Japanese neurosurgeon (i don't want to come back to Indonesia).
I hope that you can answer my question, because its very helpful for me.

Thankyou very much.
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Re: Neurosurgery in Japan 2018/1/4 12:52
Do you speak, read and write fluent Japanese? Do you know all the medical terms in Japanese?

If not, you will need to spend several years studying Japanese before you even consider becoming a neurosurgeon in Japan.
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Re: Neurosurgery in Japan 2018/1/4 13:41
Thank you for replying, Yeah i'm already learn Japanese language almost 2 years now, but still need to learn more about the medical terms.
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Re: Neurosurgery in Japan 2018/1/4 15:11
Are you able to pass N1 of the JLPT? That would indicate fluency (outside of the medical field), which would be the bare minimum required.
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