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Requirements to Teach English? 2018/1/4 17:49
I'm 30-years-old and have grown up in America. I received a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) from an accredited college in 2012, and I am licensed to practice pharmacy in my state.

Will that be acceptable if I want to move to Japan and teach English for a living? Will there be any other requirements?

I'm hoping I don't need a degree in education or a degree in English.

Thank you.
by ChrisPharmD  

Re: Requirements to Teach English? 2018/1/5 02:08
There doesnft seem to be anything stopping you. But it goes without saying that you should research what the entry level positions actually entail before you give up your life as an educated American.
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Re: Requirements to Teach English? 2018/1/5 08:34
You want to come to Japan and live on US2,000/month teaching English?

Fair enough, I actually know people that want to teach English to people in other countries as charitable work, but it seems a bit of a large change. Have you been to Japan before?
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