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Japanese Talent Vs. Foreigner Talent Agency 2018/1/6 10:52
Hello! I've been reading a lot about how many foreign talent freelance with several talent agencies such as ReMix and Avocado. I'm a Japanese American Actress, with Japanese citizenship and fluent in both English and Japanese. I've been making a career in Los Angeles, but I also want to work while I'm home in Japan so I can also take care of my mother. My mother has been pushing me to go into a Japanese talent agency, but from everything I've read - Japanese agencies in Japan 'own' the talent who are on a salary? whereas in the US, agents work /for/ the talent. Am I correct about this and do the foreign talent agencies work more like those in the US where they are more like the mediator and just negotiate contracts and find work for actors? I can't seem to find anything about this.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Japanese Talent Vs. Foreigner Talent Agency 2018/1/7 05:58
As I understand it, there are two ways to work in the Japanese entertainment industry: (1) be an employee of talent agency (and be "salaried"), or (2) be independent and hire an agent or agency. I believe (1) to be more common if you are new, and (2) is for more established artists.
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