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Tourist Visa Extention (15days) 2018/1/6 23:05
So this is going to be my 4th times to visit japan.i am from Indonesia and I just get tourist visa for 15 days.

This month's 17 I will travel to Japan. Initially I will go back to Indonesia after a week (January 23rd). But my fiancee (japanese citizen) wants me to stay longer. So I plan to extend my stay for another 7-8days to maximize my 15days visa.

But my question is... is it possible, or is there anyway for me to get 15days more to stay in japan? (So total 30days)

I appreciate any suggestion.
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Re: Tourist Visa Extention (15days) 2018/1/7 12:21
You are still in Indonesia, I assume.

When you enter Japan, you will get a stamp in your passport that tells you until when you can stay. If that says 15 days (maximum), you can stay for 15 days.

When it comes to extension beyond 15 days once you are in Japan, I find it unlikely, as applying for a longer visa will require that your fiancee (as your sponsor) applies with his resident record, tax payment record, tax filing record, etc., etc., and I find it unlikely that they can process it within 15 days.

Once you get married, things will be different.
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