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Mold shops in Japan 2018/1/8 04:54

I am looking for store/s where I can purchase silicon molds of any type, for jewelry, geometric shapes, cats, etc.

kind of like this:

if you know any store that would sell this kind of stuff, I am very interested to know, so I can visit it in my next vacations to Japan, which is in 2 weeks.

thank you very much!!!
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Re: Mold shops in Japan 2018/1/8 12:47
search 'craft molds' on ebay. no need to search around Japan for something that can be delivered to your front door.
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Re: Mold shops in Japan 2018/1/8 13:35
So you are looking for pre-made molds, not resin materials for making molds yourself? Are you looking for toy grade (some of what you show look like for clay) or something for professional use?

I would try Tokyu Hands (different locations around Tokyo, Osaka, etc.) if you want to look around. There would be other craft stores, I will post when I come up with some names.
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Re: Mold shops in Japan 2018/1/9 03:27

Exactly! I am looking for molds, for professional use (I cannot get many on my country). Thank you!

if you come up with some names, I'll be glad to look into them.
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