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Japan universities (Nagoya university, APU) 2018/1/8 18:22
Hello to everyone!
I have question about gpa in japanese universities. Is there any chance that I can be accepted to Nagoya university , APU or any b type universities with English study program, if am a first year student and I have 3 "C" grades, one B grade and 5 A grades in 1st term. My school gpa is 3.9 out of 4.0, but in university I was busy passing Toefl ibt and exams that's why grades are low. As well my Toefl ibt is 99. Is there any chance to be accepted to these universities or even to any B type universities?
by Alina (guest)  

Re: Japan universities (Nagoya university, APU) 2018/1/10 08:21
Your college grade sheet is a little weaker than would be hoped, but your HS GPA was strong. I'm not sure. but for Nagoya you may need SAT, so the score on that would be important.

It would depend on the program (i.e. automotive engineering may be out), and the level of competition, so your personal statement will be very important. However, I think you have a good chance at either.
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