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Firefly squids / Hotaruika in Toyama Bay 2018/1/9 01:47

I am looking for some advice on how to best experience the firefly squids / Hotaruika in Toyama Bay. I hope someone here can help, as info in English has been a bit difficult to find.

We will be travelling to Japan in from 18th of March to 7th of April.

As a minimum, we would like to go on the boat tour that goes out at night to see the squids, but it would be even better if we could see them washed ashore on the beach.

A few questions:
1) I can read that the chance of seeing the squids on the beach is best around the new moon. Given our dates in Japan, that would be around the 18th of March. Is that a good time to see Hotaruika or is it better for us to wait until the end our our trip (early April)?

2) I can also read that a new moon is not a guarantee of seeing Hotaruika on the beach. Does anyone know how rare a phenomenom it is? Is our chance of seeing it e.g. 10% og 50%? Just approximately.

3) Do the boat tours run already on the 18th of March? Can anyone tell me where I can find more information about the tour?

4) I've read that there is also a museum, where you can see the squids. Would you recommend that we visit that as well?

Sorry for all the questions, hope someone can help.
Thanks, Niels
by Nielsgn  

Re: Firefly squids / Hotaruika in Toyama Bay 2018/3/2 18:23
Please follow the link and read about the boat tour information.
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