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Working visa (renewal question) 2018/1/9 07:12
I got a 1-year working visa today. The working visa paper attached to my passport says the period of validity is 3 months before it expires. 3 months is not very long, so I thought maybe it was a mistake on their part. Do I really have to renew it before 3 months passes? And if I renew it, do I have to renew it every 3 months? x_x

I am not in Japan yet so I don't have the working visa residence card.
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Re: Working visa (renewal question) 2018/1/9 10:54
It's important that you tell us what nationality you are, as this could affect the conditions of your visa.
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Re: Working visa (renewal question) 2018/1/9 11:02
That means you need to use that visa to enter Japan within the three-month period (validity of visa). Once you are in Japan, you can stay up to a year.
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Re: Working visa (renewal question) 2018/1/9 13:38
working visa: it is the permission to ENTER Japan (as a worker). it is NOT the permission of WORKING in Japan.
if you ENTER Japan within 3 months by using this visa, you will have a residence permission (it is NOT a visa) for one year as a worker. if you want to stay more in Japan, you have to renew the residence permission. (not renew the visa).
when you enter Japan, immigration gives you the card which shows that you can stay in Japan for one year as a worker. (that card is the permission of your one year stay and working in Japan.) you should keep that card with your passport.
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