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Moving to Japan 2018/1/13 09:40
I am contemplating moving to Japan, I have been on several trips before and absolutely love Japan and I would like some advice on the process, the issue I have is work, I can afford to buy a property outright but I don't know what options I have for a visa. Ironically in the uk i have a good job as a police officer in a skilled section but I know this is not transferable and i do not meet the requirements for degrees etc , so i was wondering what options if any that I have. Thank you.
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Re: Moving to Japan 2018/1/13 15:02
If you have at least a bachelor degree you could find work as an English teacher. Not well paid but it would bring you to Japan.
But without a degree I donft think it is possible.

Depending on age and nationality you might also qualify for a working holiday visa. That brings you only temporary to Japan.

Or you could become a student in Japan. Either studying Japanese or something at university in an English course. That would get you a temporary visa as student and allow some part time work.

Or you could marry a Japanese national.

I guess thatfs more or less all options you have for living in Japan, unless you are a cook, artist or have a university degree.

So maybe if you dint have a degree you could either study in Japan or in your home country and then try to find work in Japan. Might not be easy though.

Hope you can find something that works for you.
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Re: Moving to Japan 2018/1/13 15:30
you are from UK, so you can try the work holiday visa option.
need to be 18-30 years old, grant you 1 year stay in japan. no degree requirement.

move to japan on whv and see if it is really suit you.
a few trips and living there are two different experience.
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Re: Moving to Japan 2018/1/15 08:53
Thank you both for your thorough replies, I will look into but would obviously only do it if I was certain and would take a lot of thought. Frustrating in some ways that it is more difficult than to get into this country. I don't think I will opt for the marrying of a japanese national, don't think the wife would be best pleased!
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