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Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 04:26
Please advice me I really need it.
First let me apologize for my poor English, hope it wonft bother you too much

Here is the situation

Ifve been to Japan 1000 times. Been dating a Japanese guy for many years.
This year we decided to get married. So we did.
We apply for visa on October 10th. They said wait about 3 months. December 17 I was back to my country because my temporary visitors visa limit of 90 Days.
Yesterday we got the answer. It was rejected
They said to come 10 days later to know the reason.

We donft know what to do...

My husband says itfs just not enough documents and maybe we can try one more time immediately

So my questions are:
1. Is there a possibility that we can try to apply 1 more time right after this situation or we have to wait 1 year?
2. How do they count 180 Days a year limit on temporary visa? Just new year new counting or something more difficult?
3. The most important to me question. If I will go to Japan now will I entrance?
Because in 2017 I came on June 21st stayed 3 months, went to Korea and back for another 3 months. Is my limit already done?? Or I can try again because of new year?
And will they let me in knowing that I was rejected on my spouse visa or maybe I can come saying that my husband is in Japan and I have a right!
I really miss him and I want stay together please I need your advise and knowledges
Thank you)))
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 10:27
They said to come 10 days later to know the reason.

Why not just do this? Immigration will tell you/your husband why they rejected it, which documents are needed, etc.

Immigration will also be a much better place to answer your other questions, rather than some anonymous posters on the internet, none of us working for immigration nor knowing your specific situation.

Wishing you all the best!
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 10:39
You English is good for a non-English background speaker.

You husband would be the best person to discuss why you visa was rejected. You haven't told us what visa you applied for or why is was rejected. There are 100s of reasons why a via could be rejected. And paperwork is not high on the list. Immigration come hunting for missing paperwork all the time. I'm you applied for a spouse visa. So length of relationship and money are normally common flags for immigration.

The 180 days in Japan on 90 day temp visas is counted looking to the past 12 months. So it is the 14th of Jan today. So they'll look back to the 14th of Jan 2017 for counting. Most of the time immigration are flexible with this. But since you have now had a visa rejection. Any attempt may draw flags from immigration upon attempted entry now. So you probably need to wait until 21st of June before you can enter safely on a temp visa.

Of course you could attempt to enter Japan again. But you might be sent back home at your own cost. And if you play the "I have rights" card at immigration, they'll see you as a trouble maker and immigration will send you home quickly.

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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 11:24
Just wait and see what the immigration has to say about your visa rejection.
As other mention there are many possibilities why it was rejected, we can say anything but the decision is up to immigration. Length/proof of relationship, financial status, country etc. are some of the things may effect your visa application.

Your frequent travel to Japan may or may not be a red flag to immigration, unless you can proof it is due to your relationship and not other things. Well that is just my opinion.

Best to wait and hear what the immigration have to say.
Worse, just hire an Immigration lawyer to increase your visa change.

So just to be sure, did you apply for COE for Spouse Visa or Change of Status- Tourist to Spouse?
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 13:06
Thank you for answers
I know that now we have to ask immigration about reason
But the most important question was could I come or itfs a big risk. Omg itfs really hard if I canft even see him until June 21st
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 13:19
I think your husband (Japanese) can ask the reason at their office, because he is a guarantor in Japan.
they will explain more in detailed in Japanese.
also, they will give you some advise to you, if he has good conversation skill.
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 14:07
I believe that your Japanese husband can go to Immigration on your behalf to ask about the reason.

One question that comes to mind: I thought that while an application was under review, you could stay in Japan even beyond the original 90 days, until they reached a conclusion?

For "Spouse of Japanese national," Immigration is checking on if the relationship is genuine, and if the two of you have sufficient financial means to support yourselves. And if they need additional documents, they ask for documents instead of simply rejecting the application. Best that your spouse goes to hear the full reason.
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 14:32
i thought so too
my friend was on application while waiting for visa, she could stay in Japan even beyond 90 days.
I become hating Japan because of its stupid immigration. I know a girl in her 20 she married with 80 y o old grandpa and she got the visa. I just wanna cry. Hate this stupid immigration so much.
Of course he will go to ask for a reason. The hardest that I cant even stay with my husband now. I am scare to come again lol. I am scare that they will not even let me in and we cant stay together for 3 years
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/14 16:47
Two ways of applying to stay in Japan, in

1. Visa - Application to be applied from overseas, where your sponsor/guarantor will make application for COE, which you need to include with application for Visa at Japanese Embassy. Once approved at embassy you will be given a Visa-permission to enter Japan, which will be converted to relevant resident status on you are in Japan.

2. Change of Status - You are already in Japan with status, i.e. tourist/work/student etc. , where you apply at immigration to change your current status to whatever your desire status. You can stay in Japan until the application is decided, even though your stay period expired. If rejected, you will be given temporary status for you to make necessary arrangement to leave Japan.

As for whether you can enter Japan again, well no one can answer you for sure as it is depend on the immigration officer at the airport, how they think and decide to let you in or not. You can try but if got entry rejection, know that you will be put into a list.
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/15 09:17
There is no 180 day limit on temporary visas - it is a myth, and not an issue in your case.
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Re: Rejected visa. What to do? 2018/1/15 13:46

if you made an application for change of status .. you dont need to leave japan until decision is made on your application.
and immigration will never refuse your application rather they will keep requesting for more documents .because your spouse is japanese national

your refusal maybe because you made application inside japan and left without notifying immigration.

you can still apply . after 6months

next time if you apply inside japan dont leave japan until decision is made on your case .
even if your visa expired is still valid
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