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Kameyama Minshuku - Otsumago or Magome? 2018/1/14 15:01
Hi guys,

We're planning to stay in Kameyama Minshuku in Tsumago (Otsumago) in April. But seems like they're a bit out of Tsumago. I'm just wondering if it's possible to have a stroll around the town at night since Tsumago is pretty famous for night stroll with the lights out (or lanterns?). Or is it too dark to walk to Tsumago?

Would it be better for me to stay in Magome instead? I don't speak Japanese, so I had to ask Tsumago Tourist Information Center to check which ryokan is available, and seems like Kameyama is the only one available for that date.

Hoping someone who has stayed in Kameyama Minshuku or Magome can share their experience :)

Thank you!!
by Wen Thing  

Re: Kameyama Minshuku - Otsumago or Magome? 2018/1/15 08:57
It should be easy to Google "ryokans in Tsumago" and then find the ryokan details. Fujioto is the most famous within Tsumago and has an English website (which is mostly photos!), and the owners speak English and Spanish. I just e-mailed them to make a reservation for July and they were very prompt in their response, replying in a couple of hours.
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Re: Kameyama Minshuku - Otsumago or Magome? 2018/1/15 10:42
Yeah I'm actually asking specifically about this Kameyama Minshuku since that's the only one available.
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