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What does "aishiteru" mean? 2005/4/25 21:08
Oh, and I've been watching Kenshin for some time now, and I suppose it's time to ask. What exactly does "gozario" mean?
by Pasquino  

... 2005/4/26 22:11
"Aishiteru" = Aishite iru = I love you/Love ya!

About the other one, I'm guessing that it's "... gozaruyo" that comes at the end of sentences? Then it's an old-fashioned way to say "... desu yo" or "da yo," just an ending to a plain statement saying "it is (something)," etc. (If you know some Japanese sentences, just take it like "... desu" in modern speech, with "yo" to add friendliness or emphasis in coversation.)
by AK rate this post as useful

Gozaruyo 2008/1/22 00:07
"That it is"
"That I am"
"That we are"
by Jeb rate this post as useful

It means. 2008/9/15 02:48
I love you.
by Sam. rate this post as useful

aishiteru 2008/9/16 04:32
How would you write I love yuo in Kanji, I want to say it fallowed by a name.
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

You can't write it completely in Kanji 2008/9/17 14:35
But the best way to say it would be

xx wa dai suki
by magpie1862 rate this post as useful

Would this make sense? 2008/9/17 23:57
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

wa dai suki 2008/9/18 06:29
What does "wa dai suki" actually means?
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

大好き 2008/9/18 12:03

xxx ga dai suki means actually that you like somebody or something very much.

another way to say that you like somebody would be

xxx no koto ga suki
xxx のことが好き
by DasSiggi rate this post as useful

... 2008/9/18 19:16
'daisuki' is basically 'suki' (like) emphasized greatly to the level of 'love'.

The same goes for 'kirai' (dislike) to 'daikirai' (hate).

Woot! I'm actually able to help out for once.
by SMEGfridge rate this post as useful

Would this make sense? 2008/9/18 23:11
If I want to tell her I lover?
Would this make any sense?


Thank you all for your wonderful help.
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

no prob 2008/9/19 11:25
of course she would understand this.

but 好きだよ is more common...
by DasSiggi rate this post as useful

What does this mean? 2008/9/19 23:11
Thank you so much DasSiggi.
" 好きだよ" what does this mean and what's the pronunciation?
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

suki da yo 2008/9/23 10:19
だ [da] is the informal form of です [desu]. It is a (the only?) copula (linking verb, a word that connects a subject to its noun/adjective. Ex: be)

[Is your example a complete sentence or a phrase? But anyway...]

In Japanese, if the subject is clear, it is usually omitted. So in your case, the 'I' is already implied, so 私 [watashi] / 僕 [boku] (you are male, right?) can be dropped.

And if I am not wrong, the same goes for objects as well. It is implied that you are talking to 'your lover', so あなた [anata] / お前 [omae] (you) can be dropped too.

So 'da' 'links' 'I' to 'you'.

よ [yo] is used to make assertions, which means you stress the sentence/fact you are making. It is used by female and (preferably) male.

[Hope I answer your question. Anyone, please correct me if I am wrong.]
by Zyzzyva rate this post as useful

pronunciation 2008/9/24 17:30
in english, you have to say like

(name/anata) no koto skee da yo-!

by DasSiggi rate this post as useful

the difference 2008/9/25 12:08
Aishiteru is strong love like permanent relationship. For my husband,I use this one. For lesser like new girlfriend or boyfriend it is more common to say Daisuki.
by umi rate this post as useful

Got it 2008/9/25 12:22
Thank you all for your wonderful help.
by Gusmiko rate this post as useful

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