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Buying traditional instruments 2018/1/16 08:12
I have had interest in Japan culture for long and when visiting Japan in a few months, I thought of buying a traditional musical instrument of sort.

I like wind instruments so I though of perhaps finding a SHakuhachi or a Nohken (Noh flute).

How much are these instruments priced?

Is it hard to find used instruments in reasonable quality?

Where can I find such instruments? Any particular cities too look in?
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Re: Buying traditional instruments 2018/1/16 14:51
Use Google "ŽΪ”ͺ ‰ΏŠi" and "”\ŠΗ ‰ΏŠi".
Shakuhachi : ŽΪ”ͺ
Nohkan : ”\ŠΗ (not "Nohken")
price : ‰ΏŠi(kakaku)
ƒvƒ‰ƒXƒ`ƒbƒN is "plastic" model, it is just for beginners.

Both used(’†ŒΓ:chuuko) stocks are not so many, finding very hard usual.
(Shakuhachi players is more than Noh.)

Although it can be seen in Net auctions and Net flea markets,
but in that case you can not confirm the condition perfectly, so no recommend.

Make player friends at SNS(FB or music or JP culture forum) may fastest to find good one.
Although it can be seen in the "real" flea market or antique market,
it will not be useless as it is not everytime.
"Shakuhachi lesson class(ŽΪ”ͺ‹³ŽΊ : -kyoshitsu)" is not so rare.
(Also use Google images)

This is DIY Shakuhachi workshop(1000Y, amazing price) report in Yanaka, Tokyo,
but published date is in 2014, not sure still doing possible or not.

If you do not mind the price of new one, you do not have to worry, though.

Again, already mentioned above, Noh players is limited, very harder even if finding Noh group.
In country side some small local commuties also playing very long years.

This is one of Japanese instruments(=˜aŠyŠν : wagakki) shop link. (not opened all)
(”Μ”„ : hanbai = sales shop, § means postal code icon)

If go to Tokyo, town Ochanomizu(Œδ’ƒƒm…) is the biggest
instruments shops(world wide items collected) gethered in Japan.
World famous players abroad are also visiting, very famous.
This is amature guitar players report.
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Re: Buying traditional instruments 2018/1/16 17:45
you mentioned Tokyo shops, but how about Osaka and Kyoto shops?
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Re: Buying traditional instruments 2018/1/16 19:16
Which shop?

Wagakki sales shop?
Making Shakuhachi or similar wagakki workshop?
or, speciality town like Ochanomizu?

I wrote searching Japanese words a lot, no enough?
Looking for western type metal flutes(ƒtƒ‹[ƒg) or Japanese wood one(“JFfue)?
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Re: Buying traditional instruments 2018/1/16 19:35
Thank you for your answer!

The workshop you mentioned seems to be here:

I will send an e-mail and ask if they are still active. Shakuhachi making DIY for 5000 JPY. Seems like a bargain considering the price of a new shakuhachi....
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