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Domestic to intl flight Narita 2018/1/18 07:03
I was checking out flights for my autumn trip to Japan and came across a suggestion to go by domestic earrly morning flight to Narita, arriving about 9.00, then my international flight departs at 11.00...

Is this really doable or should I consider another option?

Do I have any rights to be put on a later flight if I miss my international departure or is it considered a risky connection?
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Re: Domestic to intl flight Narita 2018/1/18 16:08
Are the flights on the same booking, with the same or partner airline/s? If so, it's okay - the airline has said it's a reasonable connection, so you could book it and if you miss the connection, you'll get moved to a later flight. If the flights are on separate itineraries, it's a risk.
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