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Owakudani and Ropeway 2018/1/18 21:20
Hi, My family is planning travel in Hakone. But I see there is information saying that the ropeway to take trips to Owakudani is out off service. So I want to know how I can travel to Owakudani.
thank you
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Re: Owakudani and Ropeway 2018/1/19 10:58
Been back in service a long time. No issues accessing Owakudani.
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Re: Owakudani and Ropeway 2018/1/19 11:42
While it is true that the ropeway is riding again, there is still an off limits area around Owakudani station.

Unfortunately you are currently no longer allowed to walk on to the sulfuric, bubbling fields.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Owakudani and Ropeway 2018/1/19 12:02
Sometimes the ropeway is out of service if the level of sulfuric gas emitted by Owakudani is too high. There's usually a bus that goes to Owakudani from Sounzan station if the ropeway isn't running.
Also, sometimes the ropeway won't run in the morning or afternoon due to the gas, but will start again if the gas level goes down. Ask around at the station on the day you want to go, and the people working there should know what's going on. I was there a few weeks ago and on the day I wanted to take the ropeway, it wasn't running and there were signs in English and station employees there to explain everything.
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