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San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/19 22:53
Hi guys,

I am planning my trip for summer, I've a tight schedule but I really wanna go there. So far, it will be a 2 day trip.

Day 1: Leave early from Osaka and pick 5:36 AM to reach Tottori at 8:38. Pick the bus and see the sand dunes and the museum in fast pace. At 11:40 be at the station to pick a train to Matsue city which arrives at 1 PM. Go to the castle and visit it, pick a train at 4 45 to reach Tottori at 6:15 PM. At Tottori come back to the sand dunes to see the sunset and take some pictures. Come back to my hostel which is next to Tottori station , rest and dinner.

Day 2: Wake up early to go to either Izumo Taisha or Matsue. What would you do? I've to come back to Osaka, go to Yushien and Adachi Garden? Do Izumo Taisha and Yushien or Adachi? etc. I've been to Ise shrine before, that's why I am not sure if Izumo Taisha will be worth the trip. I read the samurai area will be closed for refurbishment so maybe it's not worth spending a day in Matsue, whats your recommendation for those who have been in the area before.

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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/20 12:20
JUST wondering why you wouldnft do Day 1 at Tottori only, but catch the last train (shortly before 21:00) to Matsue. Spend the night in Matsue and then visit on the next day the castle and Izumo Taisha and go shortly before 18:00, back to Shin Osaka?

It is a bit of a crazy trip to do this all in just 2 days, but adding a commute between Tottori and Matsue will not make it better.

I guess that you do not plan to visit Okayama or Hiroshima, as these destinations would be obviously the much better connection after Matsue than back to Osaka.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/20 12:33
I've done a two days trip to Matsue and Tottori in the past. My itinerary was different, however. I started in Hiroshima and took a shinkansen to Yamagushi and a limited express to Izumo. I visited Izumo Taisha and finished that day in Matsue, where I spent the night. The very next morning, early, I took the first limited express to Tottori and spent the full day and night there. The following morning I took a flight from Tottori to Haneda.

As LikeBike said, you should do each city as a full day and spend the night in each place. You have a better connection to Osaka via Matsue.
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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/21 09:44
It is a while since I visited Tottori and the dunes, but your schedule looks plain silly. It might not look far, but trying to do those connections to/from the station/dunes and to/from Matsue wastes a big slice of your day. Three hours from arrival to departure with two buses and the museum????

My next trip to the area will be Matsue for the Adachi Art Museum, and that will occupy most of my day.
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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/21 17:20
As the others are saying that your order is completely unoptimized. i wanted to point out, that even within the cities you need to consider way more travel times. for example the bus to the tottori sand dunes will almost take you one hour from the train station. also walking to then from the final bus station at the dunes to the place at the sea from where you have a good view will again take about half an hour if you are not running. and that is only one direction!

therefore i suggest you following trip
day 1: matsue (castle) + Yushien garden / later stay over night next to the Adachi Art Museum (Yasugi)
day 2: watch Adachi Art Museum before tourist masses arrive in the morning and then go to tottori / enjoy sand dunes and sandmuseum

you can change order of day 1 + 2 of course if you want, making yasugi the place in the middle
as you see i would also recommend to skip izomu also and rather use the time for adachi art or yushien
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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/21 18:58
I read your feedbacks and thought a new distribution. Tell me guys what do you think.

Day 1: Leave very early at 5 AM to Tottori to be there at 8 30 AM aprox. Go see the dunes and take some pictures. After that take a train to Izumishi to visit Izumo Taisha. After that come back to Matsue to rest and have some dinner.

Day 2: Visit Yushien, the Castle, Lafcadio Hearn house, etc. Watch the sunset at Lake Shinji. Rest in Matsue.

Day 3: Depart to Hiroshima
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Re: San'in area trip (Tottori and Matsue) 2018/1/21 21:10
way better now.

in case you prefer gardens to shrines, you could do instead of izumo taisha the adachi museum on day1
(which i would do, if i were you (basically izumo taisha is just a biiiig shrine, but not very special imo - unless you search for love, cause a lot of single persons there :-) )
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