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delivery same day 2018/1/21 02:54
i'm planing to travel from Nagoya station to himeji castle with 2 luggage, [70cmx30cmx45cm]and [80cmx40cmx50cm].After that,i'm going to hotel kobe station.
1. it's available large coin locker at himeji station for my luggage?? i'm bit afraid didn't many large locker at this station.

2. Same day Delivery hotel by Sagawa Company its available from himeji station to hotel kobe station??or any tips to deliver same day my lugagge from himeji station to hotel at hotel kobe station.

Re: delivery same day 2018/1/21 19:00
Do the bottom of the link you provided. It has a same day delivery section. IT seems it only highlights various areas within Tokyo.
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Re: delivery same day 2018/1/22 03:38
Same-day delivery services are only in very limited cases available to individuals, mostly for short distances, e.g. from a delivery center to a hotel within the same city.

(For office-to-office transport, some inter-regional same-day delivery services are in operation, which are designed for companies.)

[70cmx30cmx45cm] and [80cmx40cmx50cm]

These two luggage pieces are too large for almost all coin lockers.
As you already know, large-size coin lockers are installed only in a small number.
At most coin locker sites, there are only typical small-size lockers.

On the condition that you stay for plural nights in succession at the same room of your hotel in Kobe, one thing you can do is to send off several parcels to the Kobe hotel, at a delivery center in Nagoya in the early morning, designating the delivery time zone in the night of the following day so that you surely can receive them.

Anyway, it is strongly recommended that you pack lightly.

- Japan Guide: Luggage in Japan
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Re: cloak room service 2018/1/22 04:12
I'm planning to travel from Nagoya Station to Himeji Castle with 2 luggage
After that,I'm going to hotel Kobe station.

Are you aware that you can stop by Kobe on your way to Himeji?
Where is your Kobe hotel?
Have you asked the hotel staff whether they can keep your luggage before your check-in?

In Kobe City there seems to be, near Kobe-Sannomiya Station of Hankyu, a secondhand suitcase shop who offers a cloak room service to travelers for suitcases or other traveling bags.

- Rentaclaus: Cloak room service
(Advertisement in Japanese)
: On this website, no description of a specific date is found; it sounds better to contact the staff in advance, for up-to-date information.
: Sannomiya is not served by Shinkansen. You can get off your Shinkansen train at Shin-Osaka Station, pass through Shinkansen Transfer Gate then catch a westbound Special Rapid train on the JR Kobe Line, which arrives to Sannomiya Station in around 25 minutes.
: In the vicinity there are six railway stations whose name includes the place name Sannomiya, including Kobe-Sannomiya Stations of Hankyu and of Hanshin. Please feel free to ask a station attendant how to find your way.

The walking route from (JR) Himeji Station to Himeji Castle Park is mostly paved and relatively flat.
Once you get into the castle, however, you walk up on a pebbly unpaved sloping road to the dungeon.

On the north side of (JR) Himeji Station, where Himeji Castle is,
there is a facility (set up by Himeji City) for bicycle rental and cloak room services on the 1st floor (= ground floor) of Shinki Building, which is to the south of Sanyo Department Store;
however, it is not clear how the upper size limit is.

- Himeji City: Bicycle station in front of Himeji Station
(Announcement in Japanese)
: You see the exterior of this facility in the first photo.

- Shinki Environmental Services
: Around the bottom of this webpage, you see a notice of this facility, with a guide map which can be enlarged.
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Re: delivery same day 2018/1/22 06:13
Yes I would stop at Kobe to drop off your bags. That was gonna be my next suggestion depending on how the response went.

Yes is might ad some travel time on your Nagoya to Himeji leg of your journey. But once you bags are at your hotel, then there is no need to rush back at the end of the day.
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