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Hakone and Fuji Five Lakes 2018/1/22 22:01

I'm planning on spending 2 nights in the Fuji Five Lakes area. I'm thinking of staying in Hakone rather than the Lakes as I'd like to stay in a Ryokan and experience an osen. I know there is a Hakone pass and I've seen there's also a combo Fuji Hakone pass - however as I will be buying a JR Pass, I do not need to Tokyo transfer options it includes. Is there an option to buy a cheaper Fuji Hakone pass which just includes the local transport which I understand is not covered by the JR pass and the perks of the discounted entry to attractions.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Re: Hakone and Fuji Five Lakes 2018/1/23 11:41

Departing from Odawara is the local only version.

Just a side note to your plans. Kawaguchiko/Fuji 5 LAkes is 2-3 hours from Hakone by bus. Factor this into your plans if you plan on only using hotels in the Hakone area.
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Re: Hakone and Fuji Five Lakes 2018/1/23 22:25
Thanks so much for your reply. I did not realise it was such a great distance away - from the snippets I read online I had it as an hour or so away. I will revise my plan to stay an addional night in the Fuji Lakes area, perhaps staying in the Lake Kawaguckio area for that additional night?? That should mean I can get the full three days use of the Fuji-Hakone pass too. Thanks again for the advice!
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