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Holiday breaks for Osaka Uni start/end 2018/1/24 01:09
Hello, I was curious as to when the holiday breaks at Osaka University start and end in 2018. You see, I was told by a friend (who I haven't spoken to for a month now since he said he would be ridiculously busy) that his Winter break would start around the beginning of February. Is this true, by any chance? The official website said otherwise, but I want to know from people who have knowledge about the university itself. Please and thank you, even if it sounds like a dumb question.
by Feinerine (guest)  

Re: Holiday breaks for Osaka Uni start/end 2018/1/25 00:45
I think,your Friend give you true and correct information.As a U student,My Fall semester Final exam will be held in Last week of January.Then 31st January to 31st March,we have semester Break.Our spring semester start on 1st April.In semester Break we will explore Japanese city, Japanese countryside or Do part time jobs.Hope,this will help.
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Re: Holiday breaks for Osaka Uni start/end 2018/1/25 17:52
Thank you, Jennifer! I really appreciate it, I'm glad to hear that!
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