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Uni student wanting to live in japan 2018/1/24 05:40
Hello, I'm a uni student interested in living in japan. I'm currently in my 2nd year and wondering if exchange programs are worth pursuing if I have a low GPA(I'm working on bringing it up), or if transferring to a Japanese uni is an option. As an alternative should I just wait till I get my degree and teach English?

Also my major is in computer science. I've heard through people online that japan looks for foreigners in tech/it jobs. Is this true, and actually a possibility?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Uni student wanting to live in japan 2018/1/25 07:15
Ask at the university you attend now if they have a "sister"university in Japan, or an agreement with a Japanese university. In my country our bigger universities do have these agreements. They will explain the procedures. Other than that check on the website for Colleges/Uni that take foreign applicants, like Temple, Sofia, Nagoya, and contact them to start with. Some tutor in English and teach Japanese to you as well. Some advertise they will find you employment, but its not a given.
If you are looking for employment then google the employment websites, and of course if they hired you, they would have to get the appropriate visa for you first.
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Re: Uni student wanting to live in japan 2018/1/25 07:26
Exchange programs often have a GPA requirement, so you may not be eligible even if you wish to go. Depends on how bad a "bad GPA" is.

There are only 3 options I can think of for computer science in English
- Toyo University
- Keio GIGA (although it's not strictly speaking computer science)
- University of Aizu

Transfer admissions are probably out for all of those - they're not a huge thing in Japan, and I don't think any of those universities have transfer admissions set up in English. However, you may be able to transfer some of your credits after admission, thus reducing the length of your program to a minimum of 3 years.

Japan does have a lack of competent IT workers. If you get your degree and a bit of experience, it should be possible to find a job, even without Japanese language ability. However, bear in mind that is several years from now, and things may change.
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