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Anyone have a source for Fire and Fury? 2018/1/25 17:50
Actually I should have asked long ago, but the big bookstores were sold out right away and I didn't think about the smaller bookstores at first... Maybe someone knows of a small bookstore that still has some copies of Fire and Fury? If so, they should probably be selling them at auction, but...

Anyway, I'll report that I just called the big bookstores again (Kinokuniya, Maruzen, and YBC) and they have no idea when they'll get more copies. I've also visited some of them, but can't understand why they don't have a big display for anti-Trump books. They are certainly missing a big sales opportunity there...
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Re: Anyone have a source for Fire and Fury? 2018/1/26 04:42
I understand that buying a book in a bookstore is different from ordering it online, but if it is not available in stores, why not order it online. Looking at Amazon, it is available and ships to Japan. (or you can buy a kindle version if you can read that)
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Forgot to say I will NEVER again shop at Amazon 2018/1/26 09:33
Well, perhaps I'll change my mind if I live long enough, but right now (and for the last 15 years) I am unable to conceive of ANY justification for making another purchase from Amazon. Long story, and partly off topic, but I hope it will suffice to say I value freedom over the greater profits of Amazon.

One more thing. I think I should include a bit of context. I'm a bibliophile and sometimes read 200 books in a year. I made two purchases from Amazon, perhaps 3 books each time. But never again.
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