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Recommended voice acting course? 2018/1/26 00:39
Hello! I am a Singaporean, and I am currently very interested to take a course on Voice Acting, so I would like to know some good courses in Japan. I have planned to learn Japanese over the next two to three years as I am sitting for an important examination this year. I understand that voice actors do not earn a lot, hence during those three years I will be taking a Diploma course in Game Development.
I want to become a voice actress as it awes me whenever an anime character is brought to life by simply using voices. In addition, I love to sing, and hearing how voice actors sing in their character tune leaves me amazed. Yuki Kaida, known for voicing Fuji Syusuke in the Prince of Tennis franchise, has became an inspiration for me after hearing her works. Nagai Sachiko, a stage actress, also voices Yukimura Seiichi in Prince of Tennis, and to learn that both actresses were voicing males were impressive for me as those are my favourite characters.
Hearing how Yuki Kaida is able to voice for teenage males when her normal voice is very feminine inspires me to bring such passion into the anime world. To add on, I would like to bring forward such passion to other younger fans into doing what they love to do as a career instead of the usual, typical job, provided that they can earn a sustainable income with it.
I have heard how some oppose to such ideas: "Why leave Singapore when there's so many opportunities there?" "Japan's elderly to children ratio is huge!" "Voices in anime will be taken over by robots soon, are you so sure about this?"
Singapore offers zero voice acting course, although there are a number of such online. However, I am not sure if those courses are really recognised, and I would rather take the chance to go overseas and study in an actual school rather than sitting at home, hoping that I will make it big.
I hope that I am able to get encouraging and relevant feedback, so that I may consider my options after this year. Thank you for taking the time to come by and read this long post!! =)
by Emily (guest)  

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