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Can a disabled person move to Japan? 2018/1/26 10:36
So I am a student in high school now and I am thinking about my future. Now I do plan on visiting Japan and I know that won't be a big problem. Now I want to know if I do decide I want to move there could I even make it? Now I only plan on moving if it is by Spouse Visa. I am disabled but still able to walk and all that. I have Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) and I have around 10 meds I take. Does anyone know if I could get these special meds in Japan? I want to work there but maybe as a English teacher because I like to help my Japanese friends learn English too. I go to the doctors every 3-4 months and I get simple tests done like EKG's, Echo-cardiograms and some blood tests. I have been getting better and I use to have to have a operation done called a heart catheterization and that just measured the pressure in my lungs. Is there a way of knowing if they have all of this in Tokyo? I don't see why not I mean it is a developed country. I am able to do many things just not running or anything too physical. Any helpful answer is appreciated I just want some background knowledge before I ask my doctors and start putting in more time with this subject. ( I only made a new thread because my disease is really specific)
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Re: Can a disabled person move to Japan? 2018/1/26 13:03
As you say, Japan is an advanced country. It might be that the treatment protocol for PH in Japan is slightly different from your country or that not all your meds are commercially available in Japan (you can google commercial availability of drugs. Just google for the active ingredient not the brand name) but treatment is clearly available.

You might already know but in Japanese your disease is known as 原発性肺高血圧症 [げんぱつせいはいこうけつあつしょう (genpatsuseihaikouketsuatsushou)] meaning primary PH. If you delete 原発 you get PH only.

Here just a random webpage of the first hit I get with this search: http://www.ncvc.go.jp/cvdinfo/disease/pph/ from the national cardiovascular research center.

Regarding moving to Japan itself advise for you would be the same as for everyone else. If you move on a spouse visa there are different requirements compared to let’s say a visa for teaching English. Finishing university in your country before moving is generally a good idea, unless you want to study directly in Japan.

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