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Concerning Spouse Visa 2018/1/28 18:21

I'm currently living in Belgium (and have no work) - I'm a Belgian with a master's degree (in psychology) and my native tongue is Dutch. My girlfriend in Japan - our relationship is 1 year old - has a bachelor's degree and has a part-time job. She currently lives with her parents, who are both retired.
(I studied Japanese, but have not yet taken a JLPT test, I consider my level around JLPT4)

We were thinking of marrying in Japan and then applying for a spouse visa for me. I think most of you already know which problems we might encounter.
1) As our relationship is only one year old - my girlfriend read that having a 4 years relationship is considered good, how can we prove the genuineness of our relationship/marriage? We have enough pictures of us together, enough pictures of me with her family/friends and of her with my family. We can even prove that we have talked to each other every day through Line/Skype.

2) Secondly, our financial status. How can we prove we have a stable financial situation. If my girlfriend informs immigration of her part-time job's income and my mother-in-law-to-be acts as a guarantor, would this be sufficient? I could add financial support from my home country as well.
I read somewhere on this forum that writing a letter explaining that I would be able to quickly find a job can support the application in a positive way.

Thanks for reading.
I'm currently also looking into student visa and looking for a company to work for.
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Re: Concerning Spouse Visa 2018/1/29 10:44
Hi here a Dutch person living in Japan.

Your gf can just apply for a visa.
She or her family can be your guarantee so about your job is not a big issue.

My wife and I also got married after knowing each other little bit more than a year and all went smooth.
Just make sure you can proof your relationship is serieus
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Re: Concerning Spouse Visa 2018/1/31 19:27
If you have a masterfs in anything just look for a job in japan and apply for a work visa. One year relationship = marriage , is a big risk to both parties.
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