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Johnnyfs member recommendations? 2018/1/29 23:19
I recently started to like Johnnyfs so I do not know so many people. Give me any reccomomdations ! Johnnyfs Jr. too !
by Jenny (guest)  

Re: Johnnyfs member recommendations? 2018/2/9 05:50
Hi ! I'm happy to see Johnnys made a new victim ! haha :p
It depends on what you like in Jpop. Johnnys have different kind of band and different ages.
If you want a safe choice maybe Arashi is a good one.
If you want to chat more about Johnnys feel free to ask anything :D
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Re: Johnnyfs member recommendations? 2018/2/11 18:31
I am an Arashi fan, I have every concert DVD/Bluray of theirs. Their concerts are relly fun.
Younger people might like News, Hey Sey Jump, Kanjani 8...etc.
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