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leaving japan and then returning 2018/1/30 00:28
Hello, i am coming to the end of my one year working visa and i am hoping i will be able to stay in Japan until around May when my girlfriend can move to Australia. I have booked a return flight on the last day of my visa next month to Korea for one day. Arriving in the afternoon and then returning to Japan the next day. I have read a few posts on other forums about similar topics. Is one day too short of a turn around to re-enter the country? at which point i hope i will be given temporary visitor status and a 90 day landing permit. I am planning to purchase a return flight back to Australia before i travel to Korea which i hope will also provide evidence i am returning to Australia within the 90 days. So i was hoping someone could answer how likely or unlikely is it i will be able to re-enter the country. Any information relating to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much
by jdm (guest)  

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