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Hakone & Kawaguchiko 2018/1/30 11:32
I'm planning to spend 2 nights in Hakone, followed by 2 nights at Kawaguchiko. Is it too much?
My aim is to cover the main spots at both places.

Most blogs that I have checked usually recommends 1 or 2 nights max but it's either in Hakone or Kawaguchiko. Your advice will be much appreciated.

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Re: Hakone & Kawaguchiko 2018/1/30 16:06
There are people who manage both locations in one day and then there are we who prefer slower paced travel to enjoy our stay. I havenft been to Kawaguchiko but at least in Hakone you can easily fill up two days.
If you have the time definitely take it. You can always relax in the evening in some onsen.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Hakone & Kawaguchiko 2018/1/31 01:18
I stayed in Kawaguchiko for 2 nights 3 days at an onsen resort. I think it was a good amount of time to sightsee and spend time in the hot springs but then again Hakone is another hot spring resort town. Both are very different though. I think there's enough things to do to spend 2 nights in both locations, personally. Depends what you're interests are and could be different depending on season.
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Re: Hakone & Kawaguchiko 2018/1/31 02:59
I would agree, but I would also say it depends on how long your trip to Japan is and if it would take time from other destinations. For example, if you are spending 4 days between those two locations and then you only get 2 days in Kyoto, that's probably not a great use of time.
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Re: Hakone & Kawaguchiko 2018/1/31 12:55
Thanks so much for the advice.

I'm actually on a 3 week holiday. After Hakone and Kawaguchiko, I'll be in Kyoto for 4 nights and then Tottori for 2 nights before making my way back to Tokyo for the rest of my trip.

This will be my second trip to Kyoto and I only have Amanohashidate on my plans for now.
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