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14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/30 14:04
Hi Guys,
Thanks for previous replies, this will last one about passes. My question is WILL the JR 14day pass cover ALL my itinerary;
JR 14 day pass 05/07/18 – 19/07/18 for 3 Adults
Tokyo for 4 nights
Shinkansen to Odawara
Purchase Hakone Free Pass
Hakone 1 night stay
(Hikari Shinkansen) Odawara to Hiroshima
Hiroshima & Miyajima 3 nights
Hiroshima to Kyoto
Kyoto 4 nights
• Nara
• Nagoya
Kyoto to Osaka
Osaka 4 nights
• Kobe
• Himeji
Osaka to Itami Airport
That is 13 days. What do you think all ??
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/30 15:56
JR 14 day pass 05/07/18 – 19/07/18 for 3 Adults

05/07/18 to 19/07/18 is 15 days, not 14 days. But in your itinerary, this is not a problem. Decide carefully when to start using the pass.

Tokyo for 4 nights
Kyoto 4 nights
• Nara
• Nagoya
Osaka 4 nights
Osaka to Itami Airport
That is 13 days. What do you think all ??

From 05/07/18 to 18/07/18 is 14 days.

Some trains/buses/subways in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya and Osaka are not covered, but they are not so expensive. Osaka (JR Osaka station) to Itami airport is best accessed by limousine bus which is not covered (about 500 yen).
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/30 17:30
Depending on where you're staying in Tokyo, it's possible you won't use any JR (or if you do, you don't nearly rack up enough fares to break even with the daily "cost" of the pass). But it can't be helped, because a 7 day pass won't be enough. It's too bad they don't offer JR Pass in smaller increments, but that's how they get you.
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/31 00:33
Actually, I'm surprised you can't make a 1 week JR pass work.

Start it on: July 6 (Tokyo to Odawara)
July 7 (Odawara to Hiroshima)
July 8 Hiroshima
July 9 Hiroshima
July 10 Hiroshima to Kyoto
July 11 day trip to Nagoya from Kyoto
July 12 day trip to Himeji

I would move the Nara trip to when you're in Osaka (since you can get there just as easily from Osaka as from Kyoto) and then won't need to spend an additional ~15,000 yen for 2 weeks. If you can't switch your Himeji and Nara trip, it's 1500 yen each way a Special Rapid from Osaka and takes about 60 minutes. It's 40 minutes from Shin-Osaka to Himeji via shinkansen, but there are fewer shinkansen per hour and unless you are staying in Shin-Osaka you need to include transport there and transfer time to the 40 minutes. So, you might just need a Kansai 1 day pass to cover the Special Rapid trip from Osaka which is still less than the 15,000 yen you would spend for a 2 week pass.

If you have additional unlisted shinkansen trips out of Tokyo, that would change things but as it stands, you can get all your shinkansen travel done during a 7 day period.

Good luck!
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/31 14:53
Hi all,
Thanks again for replies + information. Yes I can move anything around and of course a 7 day pass would be perfect in costs are x 3 adults. Hubby, Wife & daughter

Start with a JR 7 Day pass;
• (1): 06/07; Shinjuku To Odawara Shinkensan Hikari
• (2): 07/07; Odawara to Hiroshima (Odawara Shinkensan Hikari)
• (3): 08/07; Hiroshima
• (4): 09/07; Hiroshima / Miyajima
• (5): 10/07; Hiroshima to Kyoto (Odawara Shinkensan Hikari)
• (6); 11/07; Day Trip to Nagoya
• (7): 12/07; Day Trip to Himeji
With this scenario I still have a 1 ½ days left in Kyoto and will need to travel to Osaka and around for 4 days? On arrival in Tokyo 4 days we will be using Suica Travel Card. Would it be the way to get something like this for 4 days in Osaka
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/1/31 22:31
Your Suica card is valid in Osaka and Kyoto. :) A Suica isn't a pass, it's just a pre-paid card that makes travel easier because you don't need to calculate out ticket prices each time you travel.

If you need more time in Kyoto, it's super easy to get between Osaka and Kyoto. Depending on where you want to get to in Kyoto and where you are starting from in Osaka, there is the JR Special Rapid, the Hankyu line and the Keihan line. Even with a JR Pass, I took the Keihan between Osaka and Kyoto because it went closer to my hotel and only cost under 600 yen.

There are some Kansai area passes like Kansai Thru Pass and JR Kansai Wide Passes, but I am not sure either is worth it because I don't think you're ever spending enough.

Good luck!
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Re: your itinerary and transportation 2018/2/1 02:46
07/07; Odawara to Hiroshima
10/07; Hiroshima to Kyoto
11/07; Day Trip to Nagoya
12/07; Day Trip to Himeji

Your currently planned course is
Shinjuku -- Odawara -- (Nagoya) -- Hiroshima + Miyajima -- (Himeji) -- Kyoto -- Nagoya -- Kyoto -- Himeji -- Kyoto.
(It may take more than 4 hours to go by Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama from Odawara to Hiroshima.)

Unless you hope to be at a specific site on a specific day,
you don't need to take such a zigzag course like this;
you can visit Nagoya on your way from Odawara to Hiroshima and Himeji on your way from Miyajima back to Kyoto.

Also, you have another option than a 7-day Japan Rail Pass:
a combination of Odakyu and JR regular tickets to go until Kyoto and a JR-West (5-day) Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass for trips in western Japan.

(Any amount of transportation cost which is shown below is that for one adult passenger.)

The Odakyu regular cost to travel by Romancecar
(with a PASMO or Suica card + a Limited Express ticket)
from Shinjuku to Odawara is 1764 yen
(= 874 yen as a basic fare + 890 yen as a Limited Express Romancecar surcharge).

The JR regular cost to travel (in mid-July) by Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama
from Odawara to Kyoto with a stop-over at Nagoya is 13130 yen
(= 7020 yen as a basic fare + (3860 + 2250) yen as Shinkansen Hikari/Kodama surcharges),
on the condition that your seat is reserved both until and beyond Nagoya.
This JR basic-fare ticket is good for 4 calendar days.

You can start from Shinjuku, make stop-overs at Odawara and Nagoya and get to Kyoto for 14894 yen.

A JR-West (5-day) Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass is, when booked in advance via the website, sold at 13500 yen.

So, (with your Hakone trip put aside,) your cost on this option is about 28400 yen, which is almost the same as the price 29110 yen of a 7-day (Ordinary-Class) Japan Rail Pass.

Merits of this option are
that you don't have to try to pack your major JR train rides within 7 consecutive days
and that you can take Shinkansen Nozomi and Mizuho trains between Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima, which a Japan Rail Pass does not allow you.

A possible demerit is that a JR-West rail pass is not valid on the Shinkansen section Kyoto -- Shin-Osaka, which is operated by JR Central, not JR West.
You can take a Special Rapid train (on the JR Kyoto Line) to go between Kyoto and Shin-Osaka or Osaka.
Shinkansen is available at Shin-Osaka Station, but not at Osaka Station.

According to the current Shinkansen timetables (, which will be revised in coming March),
when you travel with a Japan Rail Pass between Kyoto and Hiroshima, unless you catch a direct Hikari train in the early morning, you have to change trains.

09/07; Hiroshima / Miyajima

Regarding Miyajima Island:
On the 3 days from the 12th to the 14th of July 2018, the tidal range will be wide with both a high tide and a low tide expected to be during the daytime hours between 9 am and 5 pm.
Therefore these 3days would be better for you to watch the Grand Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine at different scenes, compared to the preceding 4 days (from the 8th to the 11th).

Odawara to Hiroshima (Odawara Shinkensan Hikari)
Hiroshima to Kyoto (Odawara Shinkensan Hikari)

Here "Odawara Shinkensan" seems to refer to Tokaido Shinkansen.
(Shin = new; kansen = trunk line;
Tokaido (with "o" pronounced long) = traditional highway connecting Tokyo [Edo] and Kansai.)

There is also the Tokaido Line, which is a non-Shinkansen line; the JR Kyoto Line is a part of this line.

to Itami Airport

Osaka Airport [ITM, Itami Airport] handles only domestic flights.
(Its official name still says "International" even though more than 10 years passed since its international services discontinued.)

When you leave Japan by airway from Osaka, your airport is Kansai Airport [KIX].
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Re: 14 Day JR Pass 2018/2/1 06:00
I had a look at the revised itinerary.

Another option would be to go from Shinjuku to Odawarra using the Odakyu railway. This can be done for under 1000 yen and takes 90 minutes.

Yes it is slower than the Shinkansen option. But Shinjuku to Shinagawa + transfer time + shinkansen travel. You still are looking at around 60 minutes.

So it can free up another day to use of you 7 day pass.
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