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clinical trails in Osaka 2018/1/30 14:14
Hello everyone,

Would anyone happen to know of a good website in which I can find clinical trails to participate in Osaka? I have been looking online, but have only found ones in Tokyo. I appreciate all your help. Thanks!
by Jennifer (guest)  

Re: clinical trails in Osaka 2018/1/30 16:48
Clinical trials get typically registered on even those done outside of the US as most publications wonft accept your results if the study wasnft registered before it started. It may only say that Japan participates but there should always be a contact detail to reach out.

Are you looking for phase 1, ie healthy volunteer studies or are you suffering from some disease and want to participate in a trial? If you are sick, Ifd suggest speaking with your treating physician at least as a first step.

How is your Japanese? On all clinical trials I have seen in Japan the informed consent (ICF) is available in Japanese only. And if you donft understand the ICF youfll not be allowed to enroll. Theoretically the ICF could be translated for you, approved by the local ethic committee and then you could be allowed to enroll but unless you have a very rare disease and a pharmaceutical company very desperate to include subjects this is not likely to happen because of the costs, time needed and complications.

If you are looking for a phase 1 healthy volunteer study I would say without Japanese your possibilities are 0. Even with Japanese it might be complicated unless you are ethnically Japanese. Most clinical trials in Japan get done in order to gather data on the Japanese population. Data from other population is much cheaper and easier to acquire outside of Japan, as conducting a clinical trial in Japan costs easily double what you pay overseas , eg EU or US. (And no, I am not talking about the money being paid to the volunteer)

If you are looking for a trial to treat a disease and you donft manage to get into it in Japan you could always consider to come back to your home country and try to enroll there.

Wishing you all the best for your health!
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Re: clinical trails in Osaka 2018/1/31 11:33
I would google your illness/interest and the word trial. Many trials are run overseas but also recruit in Japan. So you need to scan each trial description and look for locations that match your interest. Tedious, I know.

Also, there are various forums for different diseases, and some of them have a trial database/thread that lists them.
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