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One Day Trip in Yokohama 2018/1/31 15:23
Greetings. There are a few places in Yokohama below that I am interested to visit.
May I know in what order I should plan my visit so as to cover most of the places? Thanks so much.

China Town
Yamate Western Houses
Cup Noodles Museum
Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum
Japan Overseas Migration Museum
Yamashita Park
Motomachi Shopping Street
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Re: One Day Trip in Yokohama 2018/1/31 17:45
China Town is best visited during night and is quite touristy. The meals are not bad and well priced.

The cup noodle museum is rather kitchy and the most fun is making your own cup noodles. The Yamate Western Houses are located next to China Town and note that they are located on top of a hill near Yokohama International School. Possibly doing this in the afternoon and eating at Motomachi Chugukai (Chinatown at night is a possibility).

It's annoying to get to, but I do strongly suggest visiting Sankien Gardens in Yokohama. From a person who lived in Japan (Yokohama) for 3 years, this is where I always took my friends and family. My suggestion would be:

Morning: Sankien Gardens (bus from Yokohama Station). Come back to Yokohama station and visit the Cup Noodle Musuem. The Ramen museum at Shin-Yokohama Station is going to take a long time and quite a few transfers to get here. That's just a headsup.

I would then catch the train to Motomachi Chugukai (last stop on the line) and head towards Yokohama International School where many of the musuems and houses are located around. Do visit Marine Park as this is quite pretty and has a nice view of the ocean. Note that it is not an easy walk for older people up to the top of the bluff. As it gets later in the day, I would then head down to Chinatown for a 5-6PM dinner. Chinatown is nice at night but Yamashita Park looks best at night.

I would totally skip Motomachi Street unless you like general high street shopping.
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Re: One Day Trip in Yokohama 2018/1/31 20:02
Where are you coming from and leaving to? What would you like to eat? Are you okay with walking a lot or not?
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Re: One Day Trip in Yokohama 2018/1/31 20:52
A lot depends on where you're coming from before Yokohama. For example if you're coming from Tokyo and you happen to have a JR pass that's active, you could take the Shinkansen from Tokyo station (or Shinagawa station) to Shin-Yokohama station, where the Ramen Museum is located. It's a nine-minute trip on the Shinkansen from Shinagawa, so it might be worth checking out.

From Shin-Yokohama station (where the Ramen Museum is located) you can get to the Cupnoodles Museum on one train (to Sakuragicho station, then a 15-minute walk) or transfer once and go to Minato-Mirai station (then an 11-minute walk). There are a few other attractions along the way, and nearby, that you might want to check out:

Note that the Cupnoodles Museum is nowhere near Yokohama Station, so don't go there. (Also note that it doesn't take "quite a few transfers," but either one or zero transfers, to go between the Cupnoodles Museum and the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.) Google Maps is an easy way to look up routes between attractions.

From the Cupnoodles Museum you can kind of stroll along the waterfront and see spots like the Red Brick Warehouse that might not be worth a special trip, then you'll hit Yamashita Park and Chinatown is just inland from there. Keep walking south and you'll hit Motomachi and the Yamate attractions.

If you want to end up having dinner at the Ramen Museum (which isn't a bad idea), then just reverse the itinerary and start down at Yamate/Motomachi/Chinatown and work your way north, then over to Shin-Yokohama last.

Chinatown is fun to see, but the restaurants there are quite tourist-filled and aren't especially good, or good value - there are much better places to get Chinese food in Tokyo, if that's what you're after.
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