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Buying rail pass 2018/1/31 19:47
Is it possible to buy 2 tickets of 10 days each, for a same person? For example, to be used in 2 different periods of 10 days.
by Luiz Fukumoto (guest)  

Re: Buying rail pass 2018/2/1 15:07
You can Buy 7 Day,14 Day,21 Day JR nationwiide pass,For smaller region I always Buy monthly season ticket
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Re: Buying rail pass 2018/2/1 15:45
You can buy more than one rail pass. However, if you are talking about the Japan Rail Pass, it does not come in a 10-day version.
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Re: Buying rail pass 2018/2/1 15:47
Are you referring to the JR Rail Pass ? If so they only do 7,14, and 21 day tickets. You can buy two 7 seven day passes and use them at separate times, but you can't get a larger pass, use half of it and use the rest later. For instance, if you activate a 14 day pass on the 7th, you have until the 21st at the time it was activated to make use of it, after that it is invalid.
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Re: Buying rail pass 2018/2/2 04:36
One of the few restrictions is that you cannot buy multiple passes for the same days for the same person , otherwise you can get and use multiple passes no problem. Usage/activation must be within three months of purchase.
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