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Osaka Sumo 2018 2018/2/1 00:30
Hello: I'm planning to go to Osaka Sumo Tournament in March, can I get the ticket on line or get
it when I get there? Thanks in advance for any tips.
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Re: Osaka Sumo 2018 2018/2/1 15:07
Best online. The tickets sell out quickly so be there when we sale opens on 4/Feb.
you can buy online and get the ticket at any conbini a few days prior to the event.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Osaka Sumo 2018 2018/2/1 23:08
Thanks Like Bike for your info!!!
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Re: Osaka Sumo 2018 2018/2/7 04:25
I used , picked the seat area i wanted and was really simple. I would order asap as good seats might already be sold out. I have a decent seat and was sat next to a lovely local who spoke English and explained the rules, bouts etc. She even told me who her fav wrestler was and which ones shes disliked. Was defo a fun day. Tip do as much research to understand the sport if you havnt yet.

Osaka 2017 Pictures:

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