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Translate? 2018/2/1 01:24
How can i say this in Japanese to a guy as a girl

gIfm sorry for asking out of of blue. But do you have a girlfriend?h

And gI donft have a boyfriend. I had but not anymoreh
by Mairru  

Re: Translate? 2018/2/1 17:37
please, Dont write your private conversation!
You are more than welcome in Japan.After Arrival,I am sure,you will meet with your Dream Boy.
Perhaps,One Day your Dream Boy will come in your Home country.
Meanwhile,u can Buy Japanese Book on Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji Dictionary.Google translate will help you
In My Home country,I bought Romaji Dictionary,After 5 years,it is still helpful.
I think,you are young Generation.So At present,study will Be your First priority.
Wishes you All the Best.
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