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Yanbaru Express Tix and Pick Up 2018/2/1 03:00
Hi All,

I keep bouncing back and forth between links and was not able to find out the answer to this question. I will be arriving in Okinawa around 7PM and by the time I get out of the airport I assume it will be close to 7:30-45 PM (I believe the Yanbaru office closes at 7PM). I will be heading to the Aquarium the following morning on hopefully the Yanbaru Express.

Using this link( , I found the bus schedule and the Yanbaru 1 departs from the Airport at 6:40AM. Based on the japan-guide page for the aquarium, the bus will make a stop at the Prefectural Office (k) which is right close to my hostel. Now here is where things get tricky:
1- I went to the official page ( but the only bus to be reserved was the 101. Can I take this to mean that I do not need to buy a ticket in advance and just pay on the bus? It looks like it based on this blog experience ( and this help page:
2- Now, assuming that I am able to board/don't need to pre-book a ticket, I am concerned about the pick up location:
This link ( says the prefectural office west side at 6:50.
This link ( says the prefectural office north exit.
Are these the same locations?

Sorry for all the links, I just want to make sure I'm covering all my bases and doing proper research.


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Re: Yanbaru Express Tix and Pick Up 2018/2/3 03:02
No need booking, only red one No.101 is so, though.

Kencho-kitaguchi(k) is so.
prefectural office = (kenchou)
north side(exit) = k (kita-guchi),
(kuchi) means "mouth" = gate, exit and more meanings wider.
Blue bus that recorded in street view is not Yanbaru,
but same place, just shared multiple local bus companies, no worry.

There is no bus stops on the West side of the prefectural office,
probably it is wrong to have read kanji "k(North)" as "(West)" when making EN pages.
If translator is a Japanese, will not mistake read both kanji, but if by a foreigner may do it.
And it seems that the EN page of Bus schedule has not been updated to the latest.
Do you want to send complaints yourself?

Just take a bording ticket( seiri-ken, small paper with section number) when getting in, and sit in vacant seat.
Bus fare is 1900Y/oneway, adult (including sales tax, and no need tip)
If no coin, you have to exchange money( ryogae) fr 1000Y bill/note when paying (getting off).
(No exchanging fee, just insert the payment machine slot.)
2000, 5000 and 10000Y bill/note are refused cases mostly even in out of Okinawa,
so pls exchange it somewhere(hotel front, coveni and more stores or) beforehand if possible.

You cannot use IC card(OKICA for monorails and local buses in Okinawa, Suica and more) for this bus.
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Re: Yanbaru Express Tix and Pick Up 2018/2/3 14:05

I took the Yanbaru Express bus to the Aquarium a few years ago, could not recall if it was from the same bus stop, but no advance ticket was purchased , and no issue.
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