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Nikkei Jin question (Visa) 2018/2/1 03:50
I have a question about applying for long term residency through nikkei. I was born in Osaka but immigrated to Canada at the age of three. My mother is full Japanese, which makes me second generation, however we have both been living in Canada for the last 25 years. Am I still able to apply for the longest term residency visa via being nikkei? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Nikkei Jin question (Visa) 2018/2/1 15:02
Are you sure that you are not Japanese? Ie were you registered in Japan upon birth in your motherfs family registry?
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Re: Nikkei Jin question (Visa) 2018/2/1 17:02
I had to give up my Japanese citizenship when I was younger because I was not living there and because they are strict on dual passports.
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Re: Nikkei Jin question (Visa) 2018/2/1 18:43
First step is to get your mother's family register. That will show you for sure if you're Japanese or not. If you are Japanese, you can get a Japanese passport as long as you're not a naturalized Canadian.

If you're not Japanese, you still need the family register to apply for a Child of a Japanese visa.

If you're not able to get a copy of the family register, then you're out of luck. You need to get some other visa.
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