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3 year Bachelor Degree - work visa 2018/2/1 10:42

I found a job in the field of IT, and want to apply for a work visa. Now I read online that you require a 4 year college or uni degree, but mine's only 3 years. Is it correct that I can't apply ? Because my degree is considered Bachelor and issued by a government accredited college.

Thank you for help.
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Re: 3 year Bachelor Degree - work visa 2018/2/1 15:07
you have to ask the company you want to work for sponsor.
Otherwise you can apply for Highly-Skilled Professional.

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Re: 3 year Bachelor Degree - work visa 2018/2/1 16:22
If it is a bachelor's degree, that should be fine. Some people might say "4-year degree," but it is just that a bachelor's degree usually takes 4 years in Japan.

How a work visa works is that you find an employer in Japan who wants to hire you for your skills/experience, and it is that employer who helps you (sponsors you) for the visa.
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