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Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/1 21:09
Hello there,

will be going to Japan by myself in march this year, i will stay at sakura Hotel in ikebukuro for two weeks.
i already made a lot of plans which things i want to do and see.

but it would be cool to make some new friends there and maybe do something together, do you have any clue or tips where i should go to meet up People who do not dislike foreigners? maybe a chat Forum or a place in tokyo?

also i'm not sure if i should stay this two weeks in tokyo or if i should buy the JR rail pass to go to Osaka and kyoto. if you have any tips and really beatiful Locations where i can visit in march till beginning of April i would be really happy for it.

please overlook my bad english ;)

thank you guys for your help
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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/2 12:24
Let me preface my response with this, I don't have first hand experience in Japan yet (going in March as well) so this is from research.
I don't believe there are many people in Japan (especially Tokyo) who "dislike foreigners", in fact I would go as far to say most people welcome/like foreigners. I would start buy getting to know the people and guests at your hotel, since Tokyo is a large tourist area I'm sure at least some of the staff are interested in foreign cultures. Now to the Rail Pass, Japan-Guide actually has a rail pass calculator for if it's worth it for you, if you did a round trip to both Osaka and Kyoto though it should definitely pay off. I got the 14 day rail pass and honestly it saves you so much hassle of buying tickets from the machines every time you want to ride the train for the price it's already worth it to me. If you're looking for a beautiful location I believe Mt.Takao a 10km gives what looks like an amazing view of Mt.Fuji,which is closed to hiking during winter months unfortunately :(
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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/2 14:18
If I had two weeks I'd probably stay in Tokyo the entire time - there's plenty to see and do here. If you do decide to travel and you're just going to Osaka and Kyoto, I wouldn't bother with a JR Pass - it might save you a few thousand yen at most, at the expense of less flexibility in your travel plans. (With the Pass you also need to take the very slowest Shinkansen trains, which run less frequently than the faster trains.)

As for meeting people, I would suggest checking Meetup.com in advance to see if there are any groups that you might be interested in joining. (Many of the local groups won't be having meetups during your stay, so filter your search based on actual Tokyo-area scheduled meetups.) Groups that correspond to your actual interests (whether hobbies or professional) tend to attract a better crowd than groups devoted to just going out for a drink with strangers, in my experience....

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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/2 15:15
To meet people I would go into a classical izakaya. The more drunken the other people are the funnier it normally gets. But no guarantee.
Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!
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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/2 16:40
Are you interested in meeting Japanese or tourists? I travelled to Japan last year alone and made tons of new friends. Few of them are local. Foreigners are generally friendly there and you can spot many solo travellers near the famous attractions. Just walk over and initiate a conversation with them. Or you could stay in a bunk bed at a hostel where you can meet many Japanese (who are travelling within Japan) and tourists alike.
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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/2 17:30
first of all, thank you for the Feedbacks. :) doesn't matter for me if the People are japanese or other travlers. my idea is to have a good time maybe see something together like cherry blossoms, asuksa, yoyogi park and so on and grab something to eat togheter and just have a good time. two weeks can be a long time all by myself. i do have one friend in Japan but i needs two work so limited time. also i need to learn to talk to the People cause i'm a Little bit shy when it Comes to talk to strangers thats the reason for asking here which place, or app or bar and so on is good to talk to other People and maybe make some new friends. :)

thank you all - im glad to get so much help here :)
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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/3 01:54
May be you could book some of these free volunteer tourist guide service, they are free, you just pay for every thing relate to travel and food, they can take you anywhere you want, be friends with them and exchange detail at the end if all goes well.

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Re: Solo Trip how to meet people in tokyo? 2018/2/3 04:11
Try this place


It's in Shibuya. I often go there when in Tokyo. The place is a standing bar. There are no seats, just a bunch of high tables here and there. When it's crowded (it usually is) you'll have to share the table with other people, it's a great way to meet people. I've been like 4/5 times.... always ended up meeting someone, having a chat etc...
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