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Amami & Okinawa Fine Tuning 2018/2/1 22:09
Hi All,

Soon I'll be traveling to Amami Oshima & Okinawa for two weeks and wanted to get some last minute fine tuning comments from some of the people on the forum. Accommodation locations and modes of transport are locked in so cannot be changed. The general plan below has taken a few weeks to make with research from this forum and other methods.

Day 1: Amami Oshima (Half Day) - Stay at Naze (with car)

Visit: Uzuki Kaizuka Historical Park, Ayamaru Park, Kasari Folk Museum, Amami Park, Tanaka Ichimura Museum, Heart Shape Rock, Saigo Takamori Museum

Day 2: Amami Oshima (stay at Setouchi - with car)

Visit: Amami Museum, Ohama Coastal Park, Kinsakubaru Forest, Mangrove Forest, Honohoshi Beach

Day 3: Amami Oshima (drive close to airport - with car)

Visit: Amami Museum (this is a relatively unknown small museum in Setouchi), Arangchino Falls, Ogamiyama Park, Takachiho Shrine

Day 4: Flights

Day 5: Naha to Motubo (driving)

Visit: Nakakusugu Castle Ruin, Nakamura Residence, Katsuren Castle Ruins, Zakimi Castle Ruins, Ryuku Mura

Day 6: Motubo (Driving)

Visit: Ie Island, Churaumi Aquarium

Day 7: Motubo to Nanjo (driving)

Visit: Okinawa World, Okinawa Peace Park, Himeyuri Tower, Navy Battlegrounds

Day 8: Nanjo to Naha (driving)

Visit: Shikinaen Garden, Shuri Castle, Tamaudun Mausoleum, Okinawa Museum, Fukushu-en Garden

Day 9: Flights, Ferry to Taketomi, Iriomote

Visit: Nakama River Cruise

Day 10: Iriomote (with car)

Visit: Wildlife Conservation Centre, Yubu Island, Mariudo Falls, Hoshisuna Beach

Day 11: Ferry to Ishigaki (Ishigaki City)

Visit: Ishigaki Museum, Miyara Dunchi, Yoko Gushiken Museum, War Museum, Minsah Kogei Museum

Day 12: Ishigaki & Takitomi (bus tour and ferry - already booked and paid)

Visit: Tonjin Grave, Kabira Bay, Yonehara Grove, Taketomi Island
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Re: Amami & Okinawa Fine Tuning 2018/2/7 10:42
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Re: Amami & Okinawa Fine Tuning 2018/2/7 11:32
Since you seem to be very experienced traveller in Japan so the forum member (including me) might hesitate to write something :), but I will try.

In Amami Oshima, you may want to try to go to Kakeroma island, if you have time. It is more rural. Recently Cape Miyakozaki is introduced by a TV drama OP, which seems to be very scenic.,129.3911204,1...

Amami Oshima has very dangerous viper called Habu, so you may better take care of it. Also it is also in Okinawa but there are more Habu in Amami I think.

In Naha city all of your destinations except for Shikina-en is close to the monorail station. You may have trouble in finding parking lot in Naha (I actually get trouble close to Tamaudun). So after Shikinaen you may better return your car and then use monorail.
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Re: Amami & Okinawa Fine Tuning 2018/2/7 13:57
Thanks for the feedback.

I was thinking about traveling to the island you mentioned, but it was quite expensive to take the car over. I'll try and remember to visit the cape that you mentioned.
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Re: Amami & Okinawa Fine Tuning 2018/2/7 21:06
Heart Rock is in east end of Tatsugo-cho. It can be seen only in low tide time. When you drive down south from the airport, there's a small car park on your left hand side before the road merges to R 58. You'll see a small map to Akaogi Beach where the rock is. Before you enter the lane to the beach, there's a cafe and they show the low tide time on the day on the board.
The view from Mt Kochi in Setouchi-cho is super. It's about 10 - 15 minutes drive from R 58, maybe 20 minutes drive from Koniya Port.
Mangrove Forest is about a half way between Naze and Setouchi-cho (Koniya Port).
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