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To go Japan again 2018/2/2 15:02
I have landed in Japan on 12 Oct and I submitted asylum application and I got temporary visitor visa and on 26 November I cancelled my application and went back to my home land now can I again go to Japan.
by Sushant Modak (guest)  

Re: To go Japan again 2018/2/2 15:14
It is best to speak to an immigration lawyer or your local Japanese embassy.
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Re: To go Japan again 2018/2/3 01:26
Well, as mfedley suggested, you should check with an immigration lawyer. But if you ask me, cancelling the application and going back to your country wasn't the smartest move. It just doesn't make sense for an asylum seeker to return to the place he's escaping from, only a month after landing in Japan. Surely it doesn't look good in the eyes of Immigration. Knowing how strict policies are in Japan, on asylum seeker and immigration in general, i would say your chances to get asylum in Japan are pretty much 0. So you should look at other ways if you want to move to Japan. Only my thoughts though, don't take them for granted.
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