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21 days in Japan, 2nd time 2018/2/3 19:52

This is going to be my second time travelling to japan. The first time was at November 16 and i'm eager to go there again. This is the plan for this time, however, I feel like something is missing, maybe too much time in Tokyo and Mt. Koya which is in doubt. I haven't thought about any other things other than Takayama to Kanazawa. I'd like to hear your voice. Thanks :)

17th - 26th March in Tokyo (day trips to Nikko/Kamakura/Fuji)

27th - 30st March in Osaka (day trip to Himeji)

31st March Mt. Koya (in doubt)

1st - 2rd April Miyajima (day trip to Hiroshima)

3th - 7th April Kyoto (day trip to Nara)

8th April - End
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Re: 21 days in Japan, 2nd time 2018/2/4 11:45
I think your plan looks pretty good at the moment - not too rushed. Adding Takayama and/or Kanazawa would mean taking time away from other locations, which I would only recommend if you visited them on your first trip and don't feel like you need to spend as much time in them the second time around.

Depending on your budget, you may find it cheaper and easier to stay in Hiroshima and day trip to Miyajima. Miyajima accommodation can be expensive, and you have to transport luggage on local trains and the ferry (or use the takkyubin service).
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Re: 21 days in Japan, 2nd time 2018/2/4 13:35

I hope you're either talking about next year or have some of your accommodations already booked, because your dates in Kyoto are for the predicted peak for sakura, so everything is going to fill up and many places are probably already gone.

And yeah, I think too much time in Tokyo since you've presumably been there before on your first trip,

Good luck!
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Re: 21 days in Japan, 2nd time 2018/2/4 16:14
I think no one can answer you if it is too much time for YOU to stay in Tokyo and if YOU want to go to Koyasan.

For me with daytrips the time in Tokyo looks fine. Although I personally am more a fan of Kyoto and Nara so would increase my time there. But this might also be due to the fact that I lived in Tokyo.

PP is right about accommodation if we are talking 2018.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: 21 days in Japan, 2nd time 2018/2/4 16:33
Your itinerary appears to only cover the beaten tourist track, as you are so long in Japan and as it is your second visit I would recommend to include some less touristy places, explore Iwate, Akita, Tottori, etc. etc.
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