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Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/4 06:53
I would need some advise.
The thing is I am following the flight ticket prices from Dublin to Sapporo and return from Kagoshima to Dublin.
3 months ago the price to travel in April-May (the trip is 2 months) was 600-700 euros.
I would like to go in August-September and the price now is 900 euros.
Should I wait a little bit more or better to go for the 900?
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/4 09:59
This is just a general comment, as I don't know about flying from Dublin to Japan.
March/April/May are considered shoulder fares. i.e. not high season which would probably be summer time, and not low season which is often winter time, depending on the country These timings are also adjusted to heavy tourist traffic. Other factors affecting fares, are the closer you get to departure the dearer the fare. Every flight has a wide range of fare prices for the same seats. Have you looked at a fare compare site, they will help you understand the differences in airline prices.? The only thing that makes all this different is if an airline has a sale, maybe because they have not got many forward bookings, then they discount.
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/4 11:43
Flight prices generally don't get cheaper as the date gets closer. It seems like you've missed the sale fares, so if you do want to travel in two months' time, I would recommend booking now before the prices rise again.

Note that if you plan to visit during cherry blossom season, a lot of accommodation in popular areas (e.g. Kyoto) has already started to sell out.
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/4 16:36
Yeah 3 to 6 months is normally cheaper, then the prices start to go up. I'd book asap or await for another period further away in the future to travel that would be cheaper.
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/4 17:15
Op is intending to fly in Aug/Sept.

I would suggest that the prices may drop a little next month as it will be 6 months to the proposed date and are unlikely to increase in that time. Prices "might" be lower in Sept as it will not be summer holidays. I would be tempted to wait until mid march before buying. I am curious as to how you are planning this as I can't see any direct flights.
Also central Japan is incredibly hot & humid in August/Sept for us northern Europeans so you might find late Aug/Sept more comfortable. Certainly when I was in Chubu in Sept 2015 I vowed never to go back at that time of year. I have since changed my mind and if I can get the money together I will be back late Sept this year:)
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/5 05:59
Thanks the answers Everyone.
Stan Norrell: I am totally agree with you about the 6 months. My idea was that I will wait till March and see how are the prices change.
There is no direct flight indeed. I will have to change twice each way but I do not mind.
I will start my trip (I am travel by bicycle) in Hokkaido and hopefully that will not be that hot.
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/5 16:33
Another cyclist, excellent, keep us informed. There is some great riding in Japan but I have found that a Gps is essential as I can't read the road signs :) Make sure you know your airline transfers as I almost go caught out at Haneda having to change terminals in 45 minutes. It would have been easy without the bike.
I have ridden in quite a few places between Utsunomiya & Kagoshima and thoroughly enjoyed myself @Likebike has a wealth of information so I would advise looking at her posts & she has a website somewhere that you might find useful. Also are you aware that if you want to take your bike on a train you will need to have some sort of bike bag. At a pinch you can use bin liners. I stay in hotels and do day rides, will you be camping?
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Re: Flights to Japan from/to Dublin 2018/2/7 23:31
Thanks Stan. I already have @Likebike's blog and she gave me a few very handy informations earlier.
I will do camping all the way from the top to the bottom only when I really have to will stay somewhere (like when the typhoon comes...).
I try to get at least 2 hours for the flight change at Haneda hopefully my flight will not late much. :(
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