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Mt. Fuji & Hakone sights w/o Hakone FP 2018/2/4 17:57

We will be coming from Hiroshima to Odawara (using a JR Pass) and we'll stay in Hakone for the night. I know that buying the Hakone Free Pass is an incredible value to use on various modes of transport while sightseeing in Hakone area. But what about if all we wanted to see is the Torii gate, go on the cruise, go to Lake Ashi and Lake Kawaguichiko and back to Hakone. Would this cost as much as the Hakone FP?

We will arrive Odawara approx 1 or 2pm and leave for Tokyo the next morning around 1pm. Given not enough time, would you advise not to buy the Hakone FP and instead buy the individual tickets?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Mt. Fuji & Hakone sights w/o Hakone FP 2018/2/4 21:38
You might be mixing up "Hakone Free Pass" and "Fuji Hakone Pass."

BTW, I don't think you can do all that on just one-night visit. If you can only spend one night in the area, I would pick Hakone only - do the Hakone round course (that would include the Torii gate = Hakone Shrine, and cruise on Laks Ashi, etc.), and Hakone Free Pass will pay off.

Now getting to Kawaguchiko takes a bit longer; please look at the area map for Fuji Hakone Pass (and the time as well).
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Re: Mt. Fuji & Hakone sights w/o Hakone FP 2018/2/5 05:58
Yup not enough time to visit kawaguchiko as it is a 90 minute bus ride one direction. And you are arriving at Odawara too late in the day.

If you could arriving in Odawara say 10am. You could do the Hakone loop. Then next day, go to tokyo via Kawaguchiko.

Yes you'll still need the Fuji Hakone pass as it covers the more espensive buses between both locations.
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