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Sugi no Osugi 2018/2/5 03:46
I will be travelling by train from Tokushima to Kochi. On the way, I'd like to take a brief stop in Osugi to visit Sugi no Osugi. However, that seems arduous with luggage. The JR site does not offer facility information for Osugi station, so does anyone know whether there are coin lockers? Or alternatively, whether it is reasonable to go with luggage to Sugi no Osugi?
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Re: Sugi no Osugi 2018/2/5 14:33
There is a small shop next to the station,
also a convenience store(Familymart) and Police box on the way,
you should ask about keep it possible or not when buy something or asking.

Although it may not be a policeman bc police box placed a rural area,
if you can get in, guess that you can talk to near another police box or police station by phone,
but at first say "This is not emergency call (like 911 in US/in Japan is 110)",
they are watching by livecam no worry.

Until climbing mouth :
This is climbing mouth,
go up hard stairs(seems under 500m), and you can see the sign in vertical writing
"日本一の大杉(Nippon-ichi no Osugi = No.1 largest Sugi-tree in Japan)".

If local passengers who also getting off with you,
their family or friends may come to pick them up with a car,
so you should think and try hitchhiking as well.

Seems a taxi waiting but it is may not always, so can not expect much.
It seems to be about 1.5 km in total, but it is not clever to bring up luggage when thinking of the final stairs.
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Re: Sugi no Osugi 2018/2/8 00:45
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